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Hublot watches are defined by innovation, precision and functionality. The first watch brand to combine gold and rubber, Hublot has continued to push the boundaries of watchmaking since 1980.

Hublot Classic Fusion Watches

Hublot Classic Fusion

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Hublot Big Bang Watch

Hublot Big Bang

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Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Watch

Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang

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Hublot Watches

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Hublot Bestsellers

The bestselling models in our Hublot watch collection at Beaverbrooks transforms modern timekeeping. Engineered for revolutionaries who want to stand out from the crowd, these watches embody the spirit of Hublot.

Why Choose Beaverbrooks?

We're excited to help you find a Hublot watch that transforms your attire and the way you keep time. Our experts are on hand every step of the way whether it's in-store or online at Beaverbrooks.

Why Choose A Hublot Watch?

Defined by innovation, Hublot’s original watch combination of gold and rubber established the extraordinary DNA of the Swiss watchmaking house today, the ‘Art of Fusion’.

Hublot Art of Fusion

Hublot is associated with the key sporting events of our times along with the finest ambassadors this era has to offer. As the Official Timekeeper of the FIFA World Cup and Premier League, be in no doubt of the quality of Hublot watches.

Hublot FIFA World Cup

With a visionary future, Hublot watches are continually developing with new materials, movements, and manufacturing techniques. The multi-award-winning Big Bang collection is proof of Hublot's philosophy to ‘Be First, Different and Unique’.

Hublot Movement

Hublot has its very own laboratory and research, giving the maison an edge when it comes to innovation. The unique Magic Gold collection is the world's first scratch-proof 18ct gold watch.

Hublot Manufacturing

Precision and functionality are at the forefront of Hublot Geneve concepts with a range of unique in-house watch movements. Take the Meca-10 for example, its 10-day power reserve is unparalleled.

Hublot Meca-10

Hublot FAQs

Picking the right Hublot watch can be tricky so we've answered as many questions as possible to make the process easier. Here, you'll find all the need-to-know info about Hublot watches, from servicing your timepiece to specialities and functions.

  • What is the speciality of Hublot Watches?

    Hublot was the first Swiss watch brand to combine gold and rubber, becoming a master of the “Art of Fusion”. Hublot also takes its name from the French word for ‘porthole’, as each timepiece brings the latest materials and techniques to the forefront to create watches that are second to none. Hublot watches feature an iconic porthole-shaped case and H-shaped titanium screws make a Hublot watch instantly recognisable. Over the decades, watch enthusiasts have learnt to expect the unexpected from Hublot, as the watches showcase unique combinations of materials, and original design. Hublot continues to defy watchmaking boundaries and impress the world of watches.

  • How often should I service my Hublot watch?

    Hublot recommends you should have your watch serviced every 3 to 5 years as temperature variations, humidity and repeated shocks can affect the seals.

  • Which Hublot watch should I buy?

    It depends on what you’re looking for from a Hublot watch. The Big Bang is the flagship model, whilst the Classic Fusion watch collection channels the signature porthole design. For something more unique, the Spirit of Big Bang collection boasts an avant-garde and dynamic tonneau-shaped design.

  • Who wears Hublot watches?

    Celebrities such as Jay Z, Usain Bolt, and Selling Sunset star Mary Fitzgerald are known to love their Hublot watches. Discover more about which make and model they own, along with other celebrity watches on our blog.

  • Are Hublot watches waterproof?

    Hublot watches are waterproof up until the water resistance of your model. You can find the water resistance of your model upon buying, and in its product description. The water resistance of your Hublot watch refers to the amount of water pressure that it can withstand. The pieces making up your Hublot watch form an exceptionally watertight ensemble, however if your watch hasn’t recently been serviced it would be a good idea to get it checked. It’s also important to check the water resistance of your Hublot watch before wearing it in water. Discover how to use your Hublot in water with our helpful guide.

  • Where can I find a Hublot stockist?

    You can shop Hublot watches at Beaverbrooks online or exclusively in our Norwich store.

  • Are Hublot watches a good investment?

    Hublot watches hold their value consistently over time, making them a great investment opportunity for collectors.

    Hublot watches are built to last a lifetime. The finest Swiss-made craftsmanship, and high-tech materials ensure that your Hublot watch will remain something to treasure for a very long time. Hublot watches are a great investment, as you would be buying into a watch brand that’s highly reliable and is renowned for engineering some of the world’s finest watches. The premium materials and intricate mechanisms of Hublot watches make them a great investment into luxury wristwear that is both stylish and precise.

  • Are all Hublot watches automatic?

    No, Hublot Classic Fusion watches use several different movements. This includes quartz and mechanical watches, which include self-winding and manual-wind models.

  • Do Hublot watches have batteries?

    Quartz Hublot watches have batteries, and these should last you for around 2 years but some boast performances of up to 6 years. This will vary depending on the watch model and functions of your Hublot watch.

    Manually wound Hublot watches have different power reserves. These are known as mechanical watches, and fall into the category of either manual or automatic. Hublot manufacture both automatic and manual watches. An automatic watch self-winds due to the wearer’s movements and everyday activity, these may need winding by hand if not worn often. Manual winding watches need to be wound by hand depending on their power reserve. A manual watch needs to be wound regularly to continue working, or it will stop functioning. Be careful not to overwind your watch, which can be avoided by stopping winding when the crown starts to resist.

  • Do Hublot watches tick?

    The movement your Hublot watch uses will determine whether it makes a ticking noise. Watches with mechanical movement typically make a sweeping noise while quartz mechanisms make the classic 'tick tick' sound.

  • How do I measure my Hublot watch strap?

    We recommend that if your Hublot watch strap needs adjusting, you bring it to your nearest Beaverbrooks store. There, our friendly professionals will be on hand to measure, fit, and resize your Hublot watch strap or bracelet. Find your nearest Beaverbrooks store here.

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From sports, to lifestyle, to arts & music, a Hublot ambassador must have the dedication and creativity that are resembled in each one of the innovative Hublot watches. The Art of Fusion is at the heart of all Hublot creations, and so the diversity of brand ambassadors is essential to the Hublot vision.