Citizen Watches

Citizen watches are for the daring and the bold, and have set standards for timekeeping since launching its first wristwatch in 1930. Citizen has been developing trailblazing designs and innovative movements ever since. Its standout Eco-Drive and automatic watches are emblems of sleek style and watchmaking excellence.

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Citizen Bestsellers

Shop Citizen watches by our bestselling models. Meticulously manufactured with Japanese watchmaking values, discover the range of timepieces that are most popular from Citizen. Innovative, stylish, and featuring a variety of different designs, these Citizen watches are testament to the brand's over 100 years experience in watchmaking. From a number of different collections and different inspirational backgrounds, discover what makes these Citizen watches much-loved.

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We’re here to give you all the help you need to find the Citizen watch that’s right for you. Discover iconic collections and timepieces to choose from, and find a Citizen watch that you won’t be able to take your eyes off.

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"Citizen watches have stayed true to their core values for over 100 years. Creating forward-thinking, high quality timepieces that anyone can enjoy."

- Bruce, Head of Luxury Brands.

Why Choose A Citizen Watch?

A watch brand truly rooted at the heart of Swiss watchmaking, Citizen was founded in the Swiss village of Le Locle in 1853. Capturing the changes and developments in the crafting of timepieces, Charles-Emile Citizen and his father, Charles-Felicien Citizen, wanted to preserve the intricate mechanism of Swiss watches, and Citizen was born.

For over 100 years, Citizen has boasted technical precision, innovation, quality craftsmanship and design excellence.

Citizen Watches

With trademark innovation, Citizen were the first to create quartz crystal and titanium timepieces.

Citizen Watches

Citizen manufactures a variety of different watches from advanced tools to beautiful designs that are accessibly priced and high-performing.

Citizen Watches

The first to launch light-powered watches with Eco-Drive technology back in 1976, Citizen's core value is advocating for the environment.

Citizen Watches

Today, Citizen watches showcase both sports-inspired designs and sophisticated, timeless silhouettes, so you can find one that's right for you.

Citizen Watches

Citizen Watch FAQs

If you’re looking for a designer timepiece, a Citizen watch is a good place to start. Our frequently asked questions will help you choose and look after the perfect Citizen watch, so you can understand yours properly, and keep it in the best condition for as long as possible.

  • Is a Citizen watch a good timepiece?

    The innovative technology, build durability, and eye-catching designs of Citizen watches make these timepieces a stand-out option that pass the test of time. Manufacturers of some of the best quality dive watches on the market, Citizen wristwear makes an excellent companion on every adventure.

  • Where are Citizen watches made?

    Citizen watches originated in 1920s Japan. The Shokosha Watch Research Institute created The Citizen watch as a Japanese-made timepiece to rival the dominance of imported watches of the era. This then became the company name when the Citizen Watch Company was founded in 1930. To this day, the watches are manufactured in Japan.

  • Are all Citizen watches waterproof?

    You'll find Citizen watches with varying degrees of water resistance. There are models that offer water resistance for regular daily use, so your Citizen wristwear will survive the occasional accidental splashing. For deeper underwater adventures, Citizen diving watches are better suited. Citizen professional diver's watches can be water resistant down to 1000m.

  • Are Citizen watches a good investment?

    The market value for Citizen watches is excellent thanks to distinctive design and precise timekeeping. These timepieces offer a balance of value and quality and provide an ideal entry point into classic watches with their attainable prices. Paired with a world-renowned heritage and impressive integrated features, investing in a new Citizen watch is a great option.

  • Are Citizen watches automatic?

    Citizen manufactures durable and elegant automatic watches. The wearer's hand movements generate energy to power the rotor to wind the mainspring. You'll also find Citizen watches with Eco-Drive and quartz movements in the Beaverbrooks collection.

  • Are Citizen watches luxury?

    Every watch from this designer brand is one of a kind, offering its wearers unique, high-performing movements and functions. The materials and well-trusted global reputation make these designer timepieces some of the best in the Japanese watchmaking industry. Citizen has opened up a new breed of designer wristwear – these aren't just flashy decorations but intelligently designed watches available at accessible price points.

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