Rado Watches

Over a century ago, the Rado watch journey began with two brothers and a dream: “If we can imagine it, we can make it. And if we can make it, we will!” Today, after more than 100 years of imaginative watchmaking, the luxury Swiss brand’s creative dream is as real as ever.

Rado Watches

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Dynamic. Sleek. Built to last. That's what you can expect from Rado watches in the Beaverbrooks collection. Renowned for premium materials and superb aesthetics, you'll find a Rado watch for every occasion.

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We’re here to give you all the advice and tips you need to find your perfect Rado watch. Our experts will talk you through the Rado collections, and make sure that you have everything you need to know before choosing one that’s sure to be your next favourite timepiece.

Why Choose A Rado Watch?

Rado has over 100 years of experience in Swiss watchmaking. Founded in 1917 in Lengnau, Switzerland, under the name Schlup & Co., the brand is synonymous with Swiss-made quality.

Rado Watches

Masters in high-tech materials, Rado is globally recognised as an award-winning Swiss watchmaking brand. Its watch designs have earned a reputation for impressive technical composition and daring style.

Rado Watches

For timepieces that stand out, Rado exhibits creativity and extraordinary planning. Incorporating extravagant designs and complex mechanisms, Rado watches are simply awe-inspiring.

Rado Watches

For more than three decades, Rado has sponsored tennis and supported the brightest names in the sport. Similarly, Rado’s watches have a winning advantage that echoes the game of fine margins.

Rado Watches

Over the years, the brand has collaborated with the world’s most famed artists and designers, from Andy Warhol to Le Corbusier, because Rado recognises that creative opportunities are limitless. Rado’s drive to challenge the limits of imaginative watchmaking is unmatched and has led to unique horological masterpieces.

Rado Watches

Rado Watches FAQs

Whether you’re looking for the right Rado watch, want to learn more about them, or want to take care of yours in the best way, our frequently asked questions are here to help. Love, treasure, and wear your Rado watch for as long as possible with our tips and advice, so you can keep yours in the best condition.

  • What distinguishing features does a Rado timepiece have?

    Rado timepieces are the perfect combination of exceptional watch movements, champion craftsmanship and enduring materials. This commitment to innovation and design excellence, plus its distinguished heritage, means Rado watches are high-quality, coveted timepieces. With over 100 years spent dedicated to watchmaking greatness, Rado has cultivated a respected collection of watches that embody Swiss mastery. 

  • Are Rado watches waterproof?

    All Rado watches offer water resistance to a minimum of 30m. For those deeper aquatic adventures, you'll find Rado timepieces with resistance up to 300m in our collection. Rado watches should be checked every year to maintain water resistance.

  • Is Rado considered a luxury watch brand?

    Yes. Everything from its movement and manufacture to materials and technology determines whether a watch brand is luxury. Rado timepieces are crafted using premium components and intricate automatic and quartz movements. Every Rado watch is built to withstand the test of time so it can be admired for many years to come. This meticulous craftsmanship is reflected in the price of your Rado watch.

  • Where are Rado watches made?

    You can trace the origins of the Rado brand back to 1917 in Lengnau, Switzerland with the founding of the Schlup & Co. watchmaking company. To this day, Rado watches are still made with pride in Switzerland but are now owned by The Swatch Group.

  • Are Rado watches a good investment?

    When it comes to investing, you want something with a unique design and last-a-lifetime, scratch-proof durability. Because of their iconic aesthetics, revolutionary technology and durable reputation, Rado watches tick all the investment boxes.

  • Do Rado watches hold their value?

    Much like other luxury, Swiss-made watches, some Rado timepieces retain their value and even have the potential to increase over time – depending on the model and edition. Higher demand, lower supply limited editions are worth looking out for.

  • How do Rado automatic watches work?

    A Rado automatic watch works via the Swiss-made mechanical movement. The watch is powered when the rotor captures the energy coming from the natural movements of the wearer's body. Automatic watches often boast longevity and elegance but it's important to know how to look after your timepiece. Read our beginner's guide to automatic watches to keep your watch ticking as it should.

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Rado and Tennis

Rado has an enviable heritage as a sponsor of international tennis tournaments. For more than 30 years Rado corner clocks have kept track of every moment. Rado's globally renowned YoungStars programme supports some of the most exciting up-and-coming tennis players on the circuit, with an aim to create a team of fearless players blazing a trail to the top. Similarly, Rado’s timepieces are about finding that winning edge – the Rado difference. By adopting innovative materials such as high-tech ceramic and sapphire crystal, it gives the brand a natural advantage, and an effortless style.