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Brilliantly British watches, Bremont watches take their inspiration from the brand’s roots in aviation. Crafting adventure-ready watches for the most extreme conditions, Bremont watches are durable, high-quality, and always sophisticated.

Bremont Bestsellers

Bremont watches are trusted by professionals and adventurers everywhere, and make the perfect companion for pilots, thrill-seekers, and professionals. These bestselling Bremont watches for men and women are carefully engineered with meticulous movements, right here in Britain. Discover our selection of Bremont watches by the bestselling models, and experience groundbreaking watchmaking.

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Why Choose A Bremont Watch?

Determined to bring watchmaking back to British shores, Bremont watches are produced at their headquarters in Henley-on-Thames in South Oxfordshire. All their key movement and case components are assembled and finished here.

Bremont Watches

Every Bremont watch is chronometer tested, and every watch in Bremont's core collection is certified to the ISO3159 standard. Only movements or watches that meet the accuracy requirements of this standard receive an official chronometer certificate.

Bremont Watches

Forming the very DNA of the brand, the love of aviation and its uncompromising demands are evident in every Bremont watch. Constructed to withstand the rigors of high altitude or undersea depths, Bremont's watches adorn the wrists of combat personnel worldwide.

Bremont Watches

Every single Bremont watch component is subjected to the most rigorous quality controls and is continuously tested for tolerances, strength, hardness and finish. Bremont watches have been Tested Beyond Endurance by explorers, adventurers, extreme divers and the military.

Bremont Watches

Approved by His Majesty’s Armed Forces, Bremont watches are partnered with the Ministry of Defence. Bremont are the only luxury watch producer allowed to use signs, symbols and Heraldic Badges of all three services.

Bremont Watches

Bremont Watches FAQs

Whether you’re looking at buying your first Bremont watch, or want to answer some of the questions you have about a Bremont watch you already own, find the information you need in our Bremont watch FAQs.

  • Are Bremont watches a good investment?

    Bremont watches are chronometer tested, meaning they’re crafted to uphold their precision and accuracy, even in challenging environments. Bremont watches are constructed with superior materials, so they will typically hold their value due to their quality. Also, the limited editions timepieces, and Bremont watches showcasing symbols of the Ministry of Defence could make them appealing to collectors, meaning Bremont watches are a good investment.

  • How to wind a Bremont watch?

    If your Bremont watch has a screw-down crown, you must unscrew it to be able to wind your watch. To do this, turn the crown anti-clockwise until you hear a small click. Your Bremont watch is now in the winding position. If your Bremont watch has a pull-out crown, it is already in the winding position. To wind your watch, rotate the crown in a clockwise position until you feel a resistance, this means your Bremont watch is fully wound.

  • Is Bremont a luxury brand?

    Bremont watches are considered to be luxury. This is because the timepieces are COSC-certified, so they are beautifully engineered to the highest quality by artisans. Although Bremont watches are not Swiss timepieces, the brand still subject their watches to rigorous testing and have meticulously crafted movements. Bremont watches are constructed in limited numbers by expert watchmakers in England, and the price point of Bremont watches is determined because of their renowned quality and use of cutting edge materials. Bremont watches are luxury because of their standards of accuracy and precision, and also because of the longevity that the timepieces offer.

  • Where are Bremont watches made?

    Bremont are proud to be British watchmakers. Founded by brothers Nick and Giles English, Bremont have been a hallmark brand in luxury British watchmaking since its beginning in 2002. Bremont’s headquarters is located in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, and the home of Bremont watches is even open to the public. Bremont watches take their inspiration from many British aviation and engineering principles, and the brand often partner with other big names in the world of British manufacturing, such as Martin Baker, and Jaguar.

  • Who owns Bremont watches?

    Bremont watches was founded by brothers Nick and Giles English in 2002. Inheriting a passion for aviation and engineering from their father, Euan, the brothers decided to pursue their love for engineering beautifully crafted mechanical devices. As well as helping their father to build aircrafts, Nick and Giles spent much of their childhood restoring other mechanical devices. Establishing Bremont watches in 2002, the brand is still owned by Nick and Giles English today.

  • How to care for your Bremont watch?

    Although Bremont watches are crafted with high levels of resilience, it’s still important to care for it properly. Your Bremont watch comes with a three year warranty, and we also offer maintenance services in-store to ensure that it upholds the best condition possible. To ensure your Bremont watch upholds its exceptional performance there are a few things you can do:

    • Ensure the crown of your Bremont watch is pushed in to prevent water from entering the mechanism.
    • Wash your Bremont watch with freshwater after exposure to seawater or solvents to avoid corrosion and damage.
    • Avoid contact between your Bremont watch and electrical equipment and strong magnets.
    • Keep your Bremont watch in contact with your wrist to reduce the exposure to extreme temperatures.
  • Who wears Bremont watches?

    Bremont watches have many partners and ambassadors from many different backgrounds and areas of expertise. Jason Fox, a former member of the UK Special Forces, Aldo Kane, a former Royal Marines Commando, and Mark Strong, a renowned British actor are all ambassadors of Bremont watches, amongst many more.

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Bremont and Aviation

Bremont and Aviation

Bremont and Aviation

A quintessentially British Brand, Bremont watches pay tribute to the great history of British watchmaking as well as their passion for aviation and mechanical engineering. Tested and finished to rigorous aviation standards, each watch is a certified chronometer and is designed to go beyond endurance. Bremont’s dedication to aviation principles started long before the brand was created.

Flying across France in their 1930s biplane in the late 1990s, a rough-running engine and adverse weather conditions forced Nick and Giles to make an emergency landing in a field. Keen to avoid the French authorities, the brothers gratefully accepted the help of the farmer who owned the field, who invited them to hide their plane in his barn and to stay in his home. Nick and Giles promised that his generous hospitality would never be forgotten. His name? Antoine Bremont.

Bremont Ambassadors

Meet the Bremont Ambassadors, from explorers to actors, these brand ambassadors all naturally represent the spirit and values of Bremont watches. Specialists in their field, they embody the determination, dedication, and expertise that are at the heart of the craftsmanship behind every Bremont watch.