A Guide To
Promise Rings

It’s not every day we tell someone they mean the world, so when we do it has to be right. With a beautiful gesture and meaning behind them, promise rings are the perfect way of saying “I love you”.

So, what does a promise ring mean and how do you choose one? We’ve enlisted a little help from our diamond expert, Lorna, to explain.


What is a promise ring?

The actual definition for a promise ring is a symbol of commitment and fidelity to your girlfriend or boyfriend. Sounds like an engagement ring, right? Not quite. With both holding slightly different meanings, we’re here to help differentiate them.

A history of promise rings

The earliest signs of promise rings came from the Romans. Couples in this era were required to wait a certain amount of time before marrying and therefore gave rings as a sign of commitment during that period. Fast forward to the 14th century where promise rings were worn as a symbol of affection between lovers. Known back then as the ‘posy’ ring, it was a band engraved with a short poetic phrase, often written in Latin or French, to signify romantic feelings. Today, the promise ring (also known as a pre-engagement ring) is a way of saying “we’ll eventually get married”.


What’s the promise ring meaning?

When fate finds your best mate and you’re wanting to show you’re in it for the long haul, a promise ring is the perfect symbol of commitment without having to plan a wedding straight away.

Promise rings vs engagement rings

Given before an engagement ring, promise rings are chosen for many reasons; too young to get married, saving money or simply wanting a non-traditional commitment. For whatever reason you’re choosing a promise ring, we’re here to help. After all, no one cares more about celebrating life’s best bits with you than us.

What is a proposal ring?

A proposal ring is for when you actually propose to your partner, but you want to choose the engagement ring together. Our beautifully crafted Beaverbrooks proposal rings are all under £125.


Which finger should a promise ring
be worn on?

A promise ring is typically worn on the ring finger of either your left or right hand. For those not wanting to get married, they may wear it on their left hand to showcase their long-lasting commitment, whilst those waiting to tie the knot might wear it on their right hand and save their left hand for when they receive their engagement ring.

How to give someone a promise ring

First things first: don’t get down on one knee! This isn’t a proposal, so you don’t want them to get the wrong idea. Prepare a little speech or note declaring your love, mentioning the fact that this is a promise ring and commitment to your future. Or why not let them unwrap it and watch their face light up instead?

When to give a promise ring

A milestone in your relationship is the perfect time to give a promise ring, whether it’s an anniversary, the day you buy your first house, their birthday – the list is endless. A random “just-because” moment might also be a nice surprise, and could set the date for your future engagement, wedding, and anniversaries to come!

Choosing a promise ring

Our family heritage and decades of expertise means we help you say it perfectly to those who don’t just mean something, they mean everything. So, if you’re starting your search for the perfect promise ring, we’ve got all the top tips:

What types of promise rings are there?

Promise rings can be anything you want them to be. Simple bands are a nice subtle touch or symbolic rings like hearts and infinity rings make a statement of your love for one another. Three stone rings are known to represent your past, present and future together, whilst birthstone promise rings add more of a personal meaning. The choice is yours.

Promise rings for him and her

Signifying a bond impossible to break, discover beautiful silver or diamond promise rings, including our exclusive Essence collection and striking black diamonds for him. Forever. Bring it on.

Our top promise rings
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