Watch Buying Guide

Deciding on the best watch to buy can be harder than you’d anticipated. Whatever style or functionality you’re looking for, our Watch Buying Guide will give you all the information you need to show you how to buy a watch that’s exactly right for you.



For situations when you need to do more than just tell the time, additional functions and features will ensure you have all the information you need at your fingertips. Known as ‘complications’ in watchmaking circles, simple complications include chronographs and alarms, which more advanced complications include perpetual calendars and worldtimers.

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Find out more in our Watch Glossary.


The beating heart of your watch, the movement is the mechanism that keeps track of time. There are essentially two options here; mechanical or quartz, each of which has their own distinctive characteristics.

Quartz Movements

Crystal Clear

An extremely precise movement, most quartz movements keep accurate time to within a few seconds per month. Powered by a battery which will need to be replaced periodically, these watches are regulated by a quartz crystal.

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Mechanical Movements

Mechanical Animals

Driven by the power of a coiled spring, you must wind your mechanical watch regularly in order to keep it ticking. Wonderfully traditional, mechanical movements are not as accurate as quartz movements and can gain or lose a few minutes over a month.

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Automatic Movements

Automatic Pilot

The aspiration of any serious watch lover, an automatic watch keeps the romance of watchmaking alive. A mechanical movement which winds itself using kinetic energy, an automatic watch is a collection of hundreds of tiny, moving parts, painstakingly assembled by highly-skilled craftsmen.

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  • What Does Water Resistance Mean?

    What Does Water Resistance Mean?

    Water resistance is the ability of a watch to withstand water pressure. The level of water resistance is measured in meters (m) and atmospheres (ATM).

    To confuse matters, whilst a watch with a water resistance of 30m may be able to resist the pressure equivalent to a depth of 30m, it’s important to note that a watch’s water resistance is tested when static. In reality, when you wear your watch for swimming or diving, your movement will create pressures higher than 30m, even whilst swimming at the surface.

  • Is My Watch Water Resistant?

    Is My Watch Water Resistant?

    The water resistance of your watch can normally be found in a couple of places. Sometimes it will be displayed on the dial but, if not, it can be found on or around the case back. The level of water resistance can be marked in either meters or atmospheres, or sometimes both.

    30 50 100 300 1000 2000
    Waching Your Hands
    Deep Sea Diving
    Metres Feet Bar Washing Your Hands Showering Bathing Swimming Snorkelling Diving Deep Sea Diving
    30 98.5 3
    50 164 5
    100 328 10
    300 984 30
    1000 3281 100
    2000 6562 200


An often overlooked consideration when choosing a watch, the type of watch strap will have a huge effect on your aesthetic. If cool, urban style is what you’re after then a metal bracelet is the way to go but, if your look is more smart-casual perhaps a leather strap is the best option for you.


Advances in technology, coupled with inspiration from industries such as aviation and motorsports, means that choosing what your watch is made from is now more exciting than ever.

  • Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel

    The most popular metal for a watch, stainless steel is tough, durable and able to cope with most of your challenges. Creating a sleek and contemporary style, a stainless steel watch will look as good in the boardroom as it will in the great outdoors.

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  • Gold


    Perfect for making a glamorous style statement, gold and rose gold plated finishes are especially sought after from the big name fashion brands.

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  • Bi-metal


    A stand-out combination of gold and stainless steel, a bi-metal watch is the perfect option for versatile style. Looking chic and sophisticated in the office, it can also lend a cosmopolitan edge to even the most rugged watch.

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  • Titanium


    Borrowed from the aviation industry, titanium is extremely hard-wearing, resilient and light-weight, whilst its characteristic matt grey lustre gives every style a cool, urban edge.

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  • Ceramic


    One of the latest high-tech materials, ceramic is surprisingly cool to the touch and has a light-weight, polished finish which is great for sporty styles.

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How Much Do You Want To Spend?

Deciding your budget will largely depend on what kind of watch you’re looking for. For example, a Swiss Made, automatic watch is a precisely engineered mechanical object and is extraordinarily labour-intensive to make. This level of craftsmanship will be reflected in the price tag which can stretch to many thousands.

  • Under £200

    Watches Under £200

    Just because you’re not spending thousands on a watch, doesn’t mean you won’t get a decent piece of wristwear. Some of the best watches under £200 include pieces from the big fashion brands which will ensure you’re always at the cutting-edge of style.

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  • Under £1000

    Watches Under £1000

    With this amount to spend you’ll be able to choose from luxury watch brands and even some Swiss automatic movements. Watches from TAG Heuer, Gucci and Longines stand out as some of the best watches under £1000.

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  • Under £3000

    Watches Under £3000

    If you’re making your first serious horological investment, choosing a watch in this price category will enable you to get your hands on some of the most respected names in Swiss watchmaking. The choice of style and function is vast here, so narrow down your choice by deciding what features you can’t live without.

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  • Over £3000

    Watches Over £3000

    Now we’re really in the watch of a lifetime territory. Sometimes taking months of time-honoured Swiss craftsmanship to create just one watch, these timepieces are an investment in the traditional art of watchmaking. Choose from exclusive movements, Limited Editions and must-have collectors pieces.

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